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The Story

Growing up in Glasgow was tough but its also what taught me many of my valuable life lessons, It taught me to be resilient and find the power to chase my dreams. Being brought up on a council estate having little money and opportunity was a life of fear, suffering and judgement, it left me little hope and aspiration. Most people who are brought up in such conditions, endure emotional scars and have little self-worth as a result. This is what then triggers the problems they face in their adult lives. I am a product of this, I was raised in an environment of drugs and domestic abuse, so dealing with adversity was something I was conditioned to cope with from a young age. Sadly the story didn’t end there, At 12 years old I was a victim of sexual abuse. This is a secret I decided to keep for myself. Something that I choose to block from my mind. Gratefully, I found my escapism, a place to be liberated, numb the pain, a place to express and feel my emotions. This slowly became my life and focus. It resulted in me leaving school at 15 years old with little education but a burning desire to achieve my dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

Having no financial help meant it was on me to make this dream come alive. I got a job on a building site cleaning men's toilets and cabins, it was disgusting and it hurt. Each day, when I found an empty cabin I would dance, visualising what my life could be? It was a chance for me to earn money, which is what would enable me to make the move to London to study my craft. Fast forward 5 years and I began to witness my dreams come true. I went on to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, touring all over the world, working across television and movies. Surely now my life was complete? Sadly it wasn’t because I could not escape the trauma of my past. I was naive to think external success could mask what was really going on. At the age of 27 I finally decided, it was time to face my fears and get the justice I deserved. I wanted to gain back control, deal with my emotional pain and live the life I deserved. It was extremely challenging, I wanted to give up, I didn’t feel strong enough to overcome this. I suffered bulimia and at times was suicidal. Now I'm not telling you this for dramatic purposes or to gain sympathy, I'm doing it in the hope that someone reading this can see how possible it is to change from one mental state to another. I'm also doing it to prove that by finding peace and forgiveness you can heal the wounds of your past. This is what results in you living a more fulfilling life. Healing gives you a better understanding of the neurology of how the mind works and it proves that by the power of thought, willingness and sheer hard work we all are able change and rewrite our story. Humans ultimately have two choices, adopt a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, I have experienced both and I want to share the power in adapting to a growth mindset.

Not only has this work let me overcome my trauma and emotional pain, but it has also given me clarity on the type of life I want to live. It has also taught me that our tests in life are there as our teachers, they are what enables growth and strength. More importantly, you value kindness, compassion and it teaches you how to live a non-judgemental life. I now own a successful property development company, something I never thought possible. My purpose is to serve and heal others. I do believe that what I went through was a crucial part in me gaining the tools and knowledge required to help free others. I now want to share my method with the world to save people from suffering. I am a qualified neurolinguistic programming coach who has defeated the odds and overcome adversity, I can not only relate to what you are going through but I can show you how beautiful the other side can be.

My Mission

We are at war with our minds but sadly like any war lots of life’s are lost! We hold the magic within us, our soul holds the power to create weapons which win the battle between us and our sub conscious mind, achieving this will allow you to live in a state of liberation and freedom from the ego, why live in a life trapped, suffocated by fear, judgement and insecurity. Why not choose an unlimited sense of peace and love. This allows us to be our authentic self, our life’s are no longer lead by emotion and emptiness.I truly believe I have found my sole purpose on earth, to educate and inspire others to look within them selfs and unlock that power, I believe every single living being on this earth deserves and is capable of reaching this dimension, the western world, society has crippled us with values and beliefs that are lead by power, greed and lies these do not serve us they ambush until we become blinded by the truth, I understand my words may seem impossible to process but with openness willingness and love in your heart you can reconnect with your inner child and heal your wounds! - Chloe McNiven



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